Sen. Lindsey Graham Plays 'Good Cop' On U.S. Adversaries: "Be Wary Of Trump, He's Unpredictable"


Sen. Lindsey Graham plays the role of the 'good cop' to President Trump's 'bad cop' persona, warning America's adversaries that the president is dangerous and unstable and he doesn't know how much longer he can hold him back. This week is a diplomatic blockbuster, with flashpoints in Syria and North Korea, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson travelling to Russia and China.

"This strike was a game changer, there is a new sheriff in town," he said about Trump's decision to bomb Syria last week. "I hope North Korea's watching!"

"Let me tell you this," he said, adressing North Korea, Iran, Syria and America's other adversaries: "If I were you, I would be real reluctant to take Trump on if I were an adversary of the U.S."

"He is very unpredictable," he said about Trump. "He is subject to using military force when he thinks it is justified. I would not dally at all with Trump," Graham advised.

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