Olbermann: Russia And Syria Knew About Trump's Attack Before Congress Did; "Collusion With The Enemy"


'The Resistance' host Keith Olbermann steps up his rant game, making arguments that President Trump's missile strike in Syria on Thursday was a "publicity stunt."

"Trump's missile strike in Syria was a stunt... and much of the news media, and who knows how much of the public believed every stupid word."

"The Trump gang officially confirmed that the Rusians were warned in advance under the terms of the deconfliction understanding," he continued. "While the Russians knew and [therefore] the Syrians knew -- Did Congress? Did the American people know? They didn't even tell the State Department."

"What do you call a stunt in which the American make sure that the principle ally of the target knows in advance that it is coming, but our own Congress and State Department do not. Might that be called collusion with the enemy?"

He said: "By this time next year more Syrian children might be dead because of Donald Trump than because of Bashar al-Assad!"

"$94 million worth of missiles and we didn't even put a hole in the runway," he quipped.

He said nobody noticed the "stunt" because the action was supported by 79 members of the Senate, even though they weren't informed in advance.

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