Flashback: Obama, Susan Rice Said Syria's Chemical Weapons Were Removed


Special Report played video and audio from President Obama and National Security Adviser Susan Rice claiming chemical weapons were removed from Syria.

President Obama on December 6, 2016:

OBAMA: Just think about what we’ve done these last eight years without firing a shot. We’ve rolled back Iran’s nuclear program. That’s not just my assessment, that’s the assessment of Israeli intelligence, even though they were opposed to the deal. We’ve secured nuclear materials around the globe, reducing the risk that they fall into the hands of terrorists. We’ve eliminated Syria’s declared chemical weapons program. All of these steps have helped keep us safe and helped keep our troops safe. Those are the result of diplomacy. And sustained diplomatic efforts, no matter how frustrating or difficult they sometimes appear, are going to be required to resolve the conflicts roiling the in Middle East, from Yemen, to Syria, to Israel and Palestine. And if we don’t have strong efforts there, the more you will be called upon to clean up after the failure of diplomacy.

Susan Rice on the January 16, 2017 broadcast of NPR's Morning Edition:

SUSAN RICE: We were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished.

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