Sebastian Gorka on Syria Strike: A Message Heard In Damascus, Tehran, Pyongyang


Trump administration national security adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka joins the Laura Ingraham show:

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Everything changed January 20. We don't give our playbook away. What's going to happen next? Nobody knows outside of the president's closer circle -- Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson, Steve Bannon, nobody knows that-- and we're not going to tell anybody. That's why yesterday was a suprise attack, we don't telegraph in advance.

All we know is that when evil happens and you are able to do something about it, you do something about it. This is the message we're sending the world: We're not here to fix everything, that's not what strategy and leadership is about. We're sending a very clear message,

And I think the message has been understood in Damascus, in Moscow, in North Korea, in Iran as well.

What happens next depends upon many factors, primarily if Moscow can understand the client state relationship is no carved in stone. When your satellites start to do things like Assad is doing there is a point at which the cost-benefit calculus breaks down.

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