Martha Raddatz: Trump's Syria Action "The Single Fastest Punishing Strike I Have Ever Seen"


ABC News' Martha Raddatz weighs in on the Thursday night strike on Syria ordered by President Trump.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: President Trump called it an affront to all humanity and now he just retaliated... Just three days ago, the president saying this is not our fight.

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS: And as soon as he saw the pictures, as soon as he saw those images from that chemical attack, he wanted action.

I think this is the single fastest punishing strike I have ever seen. Just a couple of days, he made his decision. I also have to say that Secretary Mattis, who was CENTCOM commander in 2013 when President Obama decided not to take action against Syria, this is something he was frustrated by in 2013. He's now the Secretary of Defense. They had plans in place and they've got ahead with cruise missiles from Navy ships in the Mediterranean.

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