Ann Coulter: Let's Hope Trump's Base Reminds Him He Is Supposed To Oppose War In Syria


Author and columnist Ann Coulter appears on 'The Bernie And Sid Show' to discuss her personal life and the president's recent statements about Syria.

"We need a little me time. We need to save America before we do anything for the rest of the world," Coulter said about calls for President Trump to intervene in the Syrian civil war. "In most of these savageries around the world, we're just coming in at one moment in an ongoing bar fight. And picking the guy who'se on the bottom now. Wait a few years and the other group will be on top savaging the other group."

"Let's just hope Trump's base will remind him," Coulter said.

"Who would do it again?" she said about the Iraq War defeat. "Why do it again? And certainly not right after Iraq has turned into this hellhole of ISIS and madness."

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