Dave Rubin: Am I A Secret Conservative? Is The Left Still Liberal?


Host of 'The Rubin Report' Dave Rubin shares some of his liberal cred in response to people calling him a "secret conservative" and shares a larger comment about modern liberalism. "My liberalism is one of a live and let live attitude. This is where I diverge from the modern left."

"One criticism that I hear occassionally is that I am actually not a real liberal, and I am secretly a conservative. Or sometimes they will say I am the only thing worse than a conservative, a dreaded 'right winger.' That is true that I have been saying for months that defending my liberal principles is now a conservative position," he said. "But am I still a liberal?"

"Do I still believe any of the things people on the left believe?"

"I'm so in favor of gay marriage that I even married a guy," he said. "I'm pro choice, against the death penalty, for a social safety net. I'm for a strong public education, for legalizing marijuana, for reforming our prison system, and I'm against unnecessary wars and nation-building."

"Beyond any of those specific issues, I am for true tolerance of opinion and thought. My liberalism is one of a live and let live attitude. This is where I diverge from the modern left. I see virutally no diversity of thought or tolerance of others on the left today, just constant smearing and slandering of all intellectual opponents," he said.

"Think about your friends on the left -- are they tolerant of people who aren't for gay marriage? Or of people who are pro-life? These used to be just political differences, and now they are a referendum on what type of person you are, and whether you can be in someone's life at all," he explained.

"I get emails about marriages breaking up, life-long friends no longer talking to each other, and people afraid to say what they think politically, because of reprecussions it wil have at work."

"Do you know people on the right who are tolerant of people who are for gay marriage and are pro-choice? I actually do, plenty of them."

"When there is a disagreement, I see way more people on the right... more often willing to agree to disagree, rather than to de-friend or to smear."

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