Brit Hume: Susan Rice Will Have To Testify


Brit Hume commentary on Susan Rice's role in "unmasking" the names of Trump transitions officials caught up in what would be normal surveillance of other figures. From Monday's broadcast of Special Report:

JAMES ROSEN, "SPECIAL REPORT" GUEST HOST: Brit, you have covered a lot of major stories in your five decades as a leading reporter. How significant is this revelation about Ambassador Susan Rice and the unmasking?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: Well, I think it changes the atmosphere quite a bit, and it makes it clear that there is a legitimate case here to be investigated by the committees that are looking into this whole intelligence-Russia-Trump connection and the rest of it.

And some Republicans have been suggesting for some time that there's an aspect to this maybe not what Trump said exactly about him being surveilled or wiretapped but there is something here. This indicates that indeed there may be. Now, it doesn't prove it, it doesn't establish it finally but it certainly indicates that there is something to be investigated here because Susan Rice, as [FOX NEWS correspondent] John Roberts report pointed out, has a considerable reputation here.

She has always been quite political and if she was trying to get this information on who these people were, whose names were caught up in surveillance of foreign officials, that's something that is going to have to be something to be investigated. She'll probably have to testify. And so we now have an investigation that's very much on two tracks now. Despite efforts on at least one side to say really there is only the Trump-Russia, there are not two matters. That and this.

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