April Ryan: "Unfortunately I Was Roadkill Today" For Sean Spicer


American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan talks to MSNBC's Katy Tur about her combative back and forth with WH press secretary Sean Spicer at Tuesday's briefing. Ryan said she served as "road kill" when she grilled Spicer on a Trump-Russian connection.

Tur, at the conclusion of the segment, said, "His job is spin. And to be clear, April Ryan, 20-year veteran in that press corps does not have an agenda."

APRIL RYAN: Two and a half months in and there is a lot swirling about this administration. Two and a half months in. I've been here for 20 years, since 1997, the second term of Bill Clinton. We've never seen anything like this before. And my question was simple. How do you change the perception problem basically?

I don't know verbatim what I said, but that was the impetus and the crux of my question. And it went off into this Russian dressing, no shaking my head or whatever. But the issue is the issue.

What's happening around here, we cover everything presidential. And you cannot ignore as a reporter that there are issues on Capitol Hill. You have investigations going. You have the head of the Intel Committee coming here to the White House briefing people. The president himself. And there is questions over the fact a that this man should step down or improprieties, all other things. And obstruction of justice and other issues related to the Russian investigation. These are real issues that a reporter will ask a White House, be it two and a half months in, be it the first day, be it two years in.

So I understand -- I understand what Sean is doing. Sean is being the White House correspondent -- excuse me, Sean is being the White House press secretary talking about and trying to make this administration look better than what it does right now. And, unfortunately, I was road kill today.

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