Tucker Carlson: U.S. Gov't Spying On Its Own Citizens For Political Reasons; "Nothing Scarier," "Third World"


Via 'Tucker Carlson Tonight': House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes says Trump team communications captured by intelligence community surveillance after the November election. But what about the larger issue of surveillance?

Carlson wondered: "It is a little bit weird that one administration would be surveilling a candidate, and or his staff, during a presidential race on the other side. Does that not give you pause?"

"I think there is evidence that these investigations were initiated by the Obama administration because they beleived there were untoward ties between the Trump administration and foreign actors. B: The names in the documents, in the readouts of the conversations that were wiretapped, in effect, were not redacted, which contravenes policy," he added.

"If they did leave the names unmasked, it seems like a major violation."

"Here's the point: The idea that one administration might be using the massive intelligence gahtering of the U.S. government is a terrifying prospect. And we're seen it before... with Gov. Eliott Spitzer of N.Y.... He was put under sureillance by the Feds for the crime of adding money to his own bank account. Gen. David Petraeus, his life was detroyed because they broke into his Gmail account. Why? This power has been misused again and again. But it is used against people who are unpopular, so we don't care. We should care."

"You're not some kind of cooky flat-Earther for believing that the government can hurt people with these spying power," he said later.

"Maybe [Nunes] is lying... but if this is true, it is a bigger scandal than anything alleged about Russia."

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