Rep. Thomas Massie On Ryan Health Care Bill: "I Think It's Worse Than Obamacare"


Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., says his main concern is he doesn't believe the bill will lower the cost of insurance for Americans, and he says the country deserves better than a slapdash bill.

WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC HOST: Joining us now from Capitol Hill, Republican congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

Congressman, appreciate you being with us. I want to show the tweet that you put out last night. It's been retweeted thousands of times now. You said you’ve moved from "no" to "hell, no" on your vote.

What's with the move?

REP. THOMAS MASSIE (R), KENTUCKY: Well, there was a lot of speculation that Republicans might be changing their votes, a lot of arms being twisted. And I wanted to let people know that my vote had not been changed favorably for this bill. I’m still very much opposed to the bill. I think it's worse than ObamaCare.

GEIST: And so what is at the core of your problem with the bill?

We have heard -- there are different corners of the Republican Party that have different issues with the bill.

What is your chief criticism of it?

MASSIE: Well, we are replacing mandate subsidies and penalties with mandate subsidies and penalties. And, frankly, it's not very well thought out. And right now here in the last four hours it’s like a rocket that's lost its fins. It's getting less stable in terms of planning.

I don’t know where this thing’s going to land. Hopefully, it lands in the ocean and this thing just sinks. But my main -- my chief objection is I don’t think it will lower the price of insurance or health care for Americans. And so I can't be for that.

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