Rachel Maddow Draws Lengthy Comparison Between Russia Election Hack, Start Of Cold War


Rachel Maddow reports on the testimony before the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Donald Trump and Russian cyber attacks about Russia' role in the election. She also points out Russia's desire to be seen as equal to the US in the sphere of cyber-power and compares 2017 to 1949, when the Soviet Union exploded its first nuclear tests.

Maddow reports: "In February of last year a top adviser to Vladimir Putin threatened at a Russia event, that Russia had developed its information warfare abilities to such an extent that it would turn the world on its axis. In terms of the balance of internaitonal power. That the United States would no longer be seen as the pre-eminent world power -- In fact we would be matched. Russia was about to prove through information warfare, something new they had developed in information warfare. They were about to prove they could humble the United States, they could threaten the United States, it would allow them to, quote, 'talk to the Americans as equals.'"

"From the FBI director today we now have confirmation that the FBI is now investigating that Russian attack within weeks," she said.

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