Joe Scarborough: Trump Used 'FBI Investigation' Against Clinton, But Really He Was The One Under Investigation


MSNBC's Joe Scarborough commented Tuesday morning that history will wonder about this part of the 2016 election campaign: President Trump used the 'FBI investigation' hammer on Hillary Clinton for months, but according to testimony from FBI Director James Comey it was actually Trump that the FBI was investigating.

"The FBI is investigating Donald Trump and his team," he said. "That is shocking."

"There was only one person on election day, when Americans went to vote, that was under investigation by the FBI. And it was not Hillary Clinton. History will look back and ask a thousand times over why Hillary was the focus of the FBI investigation, and the news following that, and why the person whose team actually was under investigation... was actually the one under investigation."

"There's no excuse... we're talking about collusion between a campaign and the Russian government," he added.

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