Schiff: Vladimir Putin Is "Vanguard" Of A Worldwide Authoritarian Movement


On this week's edition of NBC's 'Meet the Press,' Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, gives a preview of tomorrow's hearing featuring FBI Director James Comey:

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: I think for a lot of Americans this will be the first time to really tune in to exactly what the Russians did and what the investigation involves and I'd like to walk through with both directors: What do we know about the Russian operation? What was its breadth?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: We know it was hacking and dumping of documents. We know their slick use of their media campaign. But more than that I think we want to share with the country why we're so concerned about the issue of US person involvement. Were there US persons who were helping the Russians in any way. Was there any form of collusion? And what can we do to protect not only ourselves in the future and our allies who are facing the same Russian onslaught right now?

CHUCK TODD: But if this is an ongoing investigation by the counter-terrorism unit in the FBI. What do you think Dir. Comey can say publically?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: Well, on the issue of collusion he'll probably be the most limited in what he can share, but there's a lot he can tell us about the Russian motivations for their intervention in our election, how the Russians operate in Europe, what techniques they use and what we should be on the lookout for in our investigation in Europe and other places we've seen them use blackmail, use compromise, use the natives of those foreign countries that they're intervening in, how they use paid social media trolls, so the full range of Russian intervention and what that looks like. So I think fleshing out why this ought to matter to Americans. I think people need to understand we are in a global war of ideas. It's not communism vs. capitalism, but it is authoritarianism vs. democracy and Putin is very much at the vanguard of that autocratic movement and that ought to concern all of us.

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