Trump: Just Today I Convinced "12 NOs or Semi-NOs" To Commit To Vote For Healthcare Reform


President Trump speaks about the progress he is making pushing the healthcare reform bill through the House, touting progress made in a meeting thise morning with the Republican Study Committee:

TRUMP: Well, Kevin (ph), I think we have a very unified Republican party. After all, we have the presidency, we have the House, we have the Senate. And we're getting along very well, I will tell you. And if you were at the meeting that I just attended, where we took 12 no's or semi no's, no yes', and within a short period of time, everyone was very much on board. And a commitment to vote yes.

I think we have a very unified party. I think actually more unified than even the election. You see when they talk about me, I seem to be very popular, at least this week within the party. Because we have our highest numbers -- the highest numbers that I've ever had in the party.

So I think there's a great unification. Health care is a very, very difficult subject, it's a very complex subject, and it's a subject that goes both ways. You do something for one side and the other side doesn't like it. But it's really something that's come together very well, and I think it's going to be very, very popular, extremely popular.

On trade with Germany, I think we're going to do fantastically well. Right now, I would say that the negotiators for Germany have done a far better job than the negotiators for the United States, but hopefully we can even it out. We don't want victory, we want fairness. All I want is fairness.

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