Dershowitz vs. Van Jones: Name A Country That's Not Muslim That Would Come Under A Ban At This Time


VAN JONES, CNN: I am no fool to get into a fistfight on national television with Professor Dershowitz. But I have to say that what President Obama was doing with those seven countries is not related to what Donald Trump is trying to do. Listen, the explanation that the Trump administration is giving is completely arbitrary and irrational. There are other countries that should be included under the rationale he's putting forward. The only thing that holds these countries together are majority Muslim countries. There’s no other criteria that holds up.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Name a country that's not Muslim that would come under a ban at this time?

JONES: France. How about France?

JONES: Let me tell you, just because France is in Europe and Denmark are in Europe, if what you're concerned about is countries that have a history of extremism, there are European countries that do, yet none of them are included. My only point is this -- let me –

DERSHOWITZ: The European countries have mechanisms for sorting out dangerous people that these countries, President Obama said, don't have the appropriate mechanism. Look, I agree with you, this is a complex issue, and I agree with you that if they look at the statements made by President Trump, he will lose. The question is, is that the jurisprudence that the Supreme Court will apply? That's a tough argument to make.

(via Newsbusters)

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