Warren: Sessions Lied To The Senate, "You Want To Pick Another Euphemism For It? He Told A Boo-Boo?"


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress in an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Warren said there is now a fundamental question of Justice Department -- is it more committed to the rule of law or to President Trump's agenda?

Warren later asked who Team Trump is working for: the American people or themselves.

From her Tuesday night interview on All In with host Chris Hayes:

CHRIS HAYES: So, I guess my question to you is if the idea is that the concern is that there were some sort of untoward concern that Bharara was investigating the president in some ways and he had to get rid of so he can be replaced with his own person, right?


HAYES: What would -- what could be demonstrated to allay that fear of yours?

WARREN: You know, I think the concern is the whole Justice Department now. You know, this is a president who fired his acting attorney general. It's a president who decided that he wanted Jeff Sessions and wanted to keep Jeff Sessions even after it became public that Jeff Sessions had lied to the Senate --

HAYES: You think he lied?

WARREN: Of course he did. I mean, that's just -- he didn't tell the truth. You want to pick another euphemism for it? He told a boo-boo? I mean, pick whatever word you want.

But the point is he did not tell the truth and didn't have to come back and be accountable.

And I think what's going on now is a fundamental question in our government about whether or not the Justice Department, including our U.S. attorneys, are truly independent and committed to the rule of law or whether or not they are tame and more committed to Donald Trump and Donald Trump's agenda.


WARREN: We need to know that our public servants are working first, last, and in between for the American people and that they're not keeping just a little eye out on how well it feathers their own nests. And that's true for the president, that's true for the president's family, and that's true for president's team that he assembles.

And one of the things that has just been deeply shocking about where the Trump administration has gone is that they have brought in people and said, hey, you know, what the heck? Wilbur Ross says he's going to be secretary of commerce, make a lot of decisions on how business goes, but, you know, he's going to keep a billion dollar interest in his oil tankers that are all around the world. And he's going to maintain interest in 11 different corporations while he is the secretary of commerce?

Rex Tillerson, we asked him, we said, hey, listen, you've been at Exxon forever and ever and ever, you've been CEO, you've done everything you can. Can we at least have a promise that while you are secretary of state, that you will recuse yourself in matters that are going to directly affect Exxon? And his answer was no. I'll do it for a while but then, shoot, I'll wade right into this.

It's the notion with the president's own family, with the president's own team he has assembled, that there is a giant blurring between who exactly are they working for? Are they working for the American people? Are they working just to make themselves richer? Or is it some secret blend somewhere in between?

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