Cenk Uygur to CNN: You Pay Donald Trump's Mouthpieces To Do Propaganda On Your Air?


Cenk Uygur, host of 'The Young Turks,' slams CNN for hiring Jason Miller, one of President Trump's former communications aides, even after Trump called them "fake news" and the "enemy of the American people."

CNN also employs Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Via 'The Young Turks':

Cenk Uygur describes CNN’s recent hiring of Jason Miller as one of the reasons people have lost trust in the media. Instead of being a watchdog, CNN is going back to access journalism with this hire. Miller was a former spokesperson to Donald Trump. Uygur calls this an “Open handed slap” to CNN because this happened despite all the criticisms Trump threw at the news organization.

“You’re going to pay Donald Trump’s mouthpiece to be on your air and do his propaganda?” Uygur asks, pointing out the countless times Trump demeaned CNN reporters and called the news organization, ‘Fake.’

Uygur says this isn’t the first time CNN did this, referring to their hiring of Corey Lewandowski in the past.

“If you insult CNN, they hire you. If you really insult CNN, they’ll pay you a ton of money to insult them on their own air.”

Uygur argues that CNN should put in more effort to be a watchdog and, “You don’t need two sides doing propaganda. You just need all of your people to actually try to arrive at what is real.”

“We don’t play this game,” he says, “Our job is to hold them to account and that should be everybody’s job in the media.”

“For CNN, they are so proud today. ‘They got a Trump guy…’ Congratulations, boy, you’re so trusted!”

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