GOP Rep. Meadows: Karl Rove Wants Us To "Dupe American People" With Obamacare Replacement


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) criticized the Paul Ryan Obamacare replacement plan and said the Republican bill amends the Affordable Care Act, it doesn't repeal it. He also criticized Karl Rove for wanting to "dupe the American people."

Meadows also criticized Karl Rove for wanting to "dupe the American people." He said the bill, which he called smoke and mirrors, "is certainly not what we promised the American people."

"This bill is just Obamacare in a different form," Meadows told FOX News on Wednesday morning. "If you just look at the bill text, the very first paragraph says it amends the Affordable care act, it doesn’t repeal it and so the American people want us to repeal it and replace it with something that is different and certainly I want to drive down those healthcare costs. Let me tell you what I’ve seen of the plan so far, it does nothing to actually lower healthcare costs and premiums for hardworking American taxpayers."

"If Karl Rove wants to bring out his whiteboard and we want to debate it back and forth on healthcare, I welcome that," the Congressman said. "If that Karl Rove wants to look at Tom Price’s bill, he needs to look at Section 2 and Section 3 of the bill that I endorsed. It repealed the mandates, it repealed the insurance mandates – it actually did what we’re promising the American people."

"This is not Tom Price’s bill, this is certainly not what we promised the American people. Karl Rove knows that – this is smoke and mirrors when we suggest that we’re gonna dupe the American people, we’re gonna do this bill behind closed doors and roll it out and expect the American people to believe it. Let me just tell you, they’re smarter than that and they understand that this is just Obamacare with a different label," Rep. Meadows said.

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