Ben Carson: There Were Immigrants Who Came Here In The Bottom Of Slave Ships


HUD Secretary Ben Carson speaks about the opportunity that America brings and refers to slaves as immigrants in a speech delivered Monday at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

DR. BEN CARSON, SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: We need to concentrate a little less on what we can't do and a little more on what we can do. After all this is America, this used to be known as the "can-do society," not the, "what can you do for me society" but the "can-do society."

That's what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their songs, their daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.

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