Ingraham On Russia-Trump Accusations: Typical Washington Feeding Frenzy Based On No Evidence


Laura Ingraham on the continuing narrative of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

"I think most people watching this are like, are we actually going to talk about the fact that, you know, we need to have jobs, the economy and the border enforced? I think people are saying enough already," Ingraham said on this week's edition of FOX News Sunday.

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Laura, first there's the question whether this is all true, whether or not the Obama administration – pretty – it would be very dramatic – ordered the tapping of the phones of Donald Trump in Trump Tower. But, second, it seems to me, is there a political question, which is, why does Donald Trump want to keep breathing life into this story about the whole Russia-Trump connection at a – at the precise moment he's trying to unveil and push his agenda?

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, perhaps one of the reasons – and I – I don't know, but I'm just speculating – perhaps one of the reasons is, is because the reporting on the Russia supposed connection, inclusion with the Trump campaign has been just feverishly overblown. The – the sound bite that you played, for instance, to – to Coons about Jeff Sessions, the entire sound bite where Al Franken is asking that question, which is really revealing, is – he’s like – it’s this rambling question about, well, CNN is reporting about some report that there might be compromising information. I don't even know if you've ever seen it, but – obviously the import of the question was, are you – are – are – did you speak with Russians in your capacity as a surrogate for the campaign, and was that about the campaign machinations and that was obviously the question.

I actually don't think Jeff Sessions needed to recuse himself. I know that might be controversial, but if Jeff Sessions told the truth, and I believe he did in that – in that question and the follow-up questions, the written question submitted by Leahy, I don't think he had to recuse himself. I think Donald Trump’s probably frustrated about that. I think a lot of – a lot of pressure was put on Sessions to recuse himself. He was considering recusing himself earlier. But the idea that Russia threw the election for Donald Trump and people in Michigan and Wisconsin and Ohio and Pennsylvania were all like, well, the – the – the Russians –

WALLACE: But that’s not really what they’re saying. They’re –

INGRAHAM: That – that’s –

WALLACE: No, they’re not saying that they threw the election. They’re saying that there was collusion to interfere with the election. That – saying that’s why he got elected.

INGRAHAM: Right, between Carter – yes, but Carter Page, who was a one-time foreign policy informal advisor to Trump and Paul Manafort, who was no longer with Trump, those guys, like, were at conferences and saw some Russians, people connected with Russia and Europe. The thing is so tenuous. And I think you scratched the surface of it in your interview with – with Coons, and he said to say, well, we don't really have any evidence of collusion.

This is a typical Washington feeding frenzy based on little to no evidence.


INGRAHAM: And I think most people watching this are like, are we actually going to talk about the fact that, you know, we need to have jobs, the economy and the border enforced? I think people are saying enough already.

WALLACE: Well, yes, but that's my point is, Donald Trump, who fed that this weekend with his tweets –

INGRAHAM: I think – I don’t – I think Jon Favreau's tweet, Chris, today, or yesterday, when he said, I’d be careful of people saying that the administration did not issue the FISA.

WALLACE: I – I wonder if people are just trolling.

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