Cenk Uygur: Trump Made A Deal With Russia, "Might Not Last Six Months"


'The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur comes to the conclusion that Donald Trump "made a deal" with Russia where he gets paid.

"He might not last six months!" Uygur said. "Because he did a deal with the Russians."

"The Russians helped me win the election a little bit because of the propaganda and the leaked emails and that's helpful, and then later I'll think about lifting the sanctions," he said speaking for President Trump.

"He did a business deal with the Russians: You give me money, you give me a portion of the oil contracts, then I lfit the sanctions. I Donald J. Trump make money!"

Via 'The Young Turks':

The Young Turks Cenk Uygur doubles down on a prediction he made when Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor that Donald Trump possibly made a deal with Russia.

Back in February, Uygur brought up the possibility of Trump’s business contacts also communicating with Russia and how that supports his argument that the President made a deal. At the time, Uygur brought up the importance of Carter Page and his role in making a deal since he’s a businessman and former foreign policy advisor to the campaign.

“If Flynn didn’t act on his own and Trump is directing Carter Page, and Flynn, and Manafort, and Roger Stone, etc., to deal with the Russians and it’s not just so he has a better chance at winning the election but it’s because he has something to gain then…” Uygur said.

Uygur talks about Trump making a deal with Russia, again, in reaction to Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recusing himself. This happened on the same day reports of Page meeting with the Russian ambassador came out.

“He might not last six months,” Uygur says, predicting the end of Trump’s presidency, “because he did a deal with the Russians.”

He adds that this isn’t a deal to win the election since Trump only really cares about making money, “‘You give me money, you give me a portion of the oil contracts, then I lift the sanctions for you guys.’”

“His priority is ‘how do I turn the presidency into more money’,” Uygur explains, arguing for the importance of an investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia.

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