Sean Trende: "World Of Hurt" For Republicans in Midterms If Trump Can't Get Approval To 50%


In a disucssion about the president's address to Congress, RCP elections analyst Sean Trende answered a question from MSNBC's Steve Kornacki:

STEVE KORNACKI: On his way out of the chamber Tuesday night you could pick up the sound on [Trump's] microphone, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader said to him: Perfect on his way out. How relieved were congressional Republicans by that performance last night?

SEAN TRENDE, RCP: I think very relieved. Their fate is tied to him. If they go into the midterm election with his job approval at 40%, there is going to be a world of hurt for them. If he can get his job approval above 50%, which I think is part of the calculus here, then you will see some pressure from Democrats to go along and you aren't going to be able to have some of the blanket opposition we've had so far. We'll see how the president comports himself in the next few weeks.

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