Greta Van Susteren: Sessions Doing Exactly What He's Supposed To; As A Lawyer, I See Nothing Unusual


MSNBC's Greta van Susteren said Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions is doing exactly what one would expect him to do if there is an appearance of impropriety. Van Susteren called Sessions' measures "textbook."

"It's stunning to me because he is doing textbook exactly what you're supposed to do if there is an appearance of impropriety," Van Susteren said Thursday. "And I don't see that his recusal is that limiting. What it says is for any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaign for president of the United States. That would include, in my reading, General Flynn if there is investigation of him since his contacts were before the inauguration, would have something to do with the campaigns and the election."

"So I don't see this as any way unusual other than that it is indeed unusual that we're in a situation where the Attorney General of the United States has to recuse himself," she said. "But he is doing exactly what I would expect of him for the appearance of -- doesn't have to be actual appearance, actual impropriety, but the appearance because he has a connection to this and because anything he would do as Attorney General would be suspect in the eyes of people who simply don't believe him because of his connection to the matter."

The MSNBC host and legal expert said she doesn't understand why Democratic Senators that are lawyers are pushing the idea that it is necessary Sessions resign. Van Susteren said she is looking at the matter through a "legal lens," while everyone is looking at it through a "political lens."

"I look at this through my lawyer eyes and I am a little bit surprised at the U.S. Senators who called for his resignation who are lawyers themselves like Senator Harris from California, Senator McCaskill from Missouri," Greta van Susteren said.

"He is doing exactly what you would expect of him," Van Susteren said of Sessions. "I know everyone is looking at this through a political lens. I look at it through a legal lens. And I am not in any way saying that the investigation is not serious. It is indeed a serious investigation... I think looking at it through the eyes of a lawyer is rather important. And I am surprised at these Senators who are themselves lawyers making these statements about he should resign."

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