Tom Friedman: Economic Nationalism "A Really Stupid Idea," Undermines Crucial Global Systems


New York Times columnist Tom Friedman comments on President Trump's economic nationalist agenda.

TOM FRIEDMAN: People forget where the European Union came from. It was not just a trading bloc, that wasn't the original intention. It was created out of World War One and World War Two, two wars triggered in part by rampant economic nationalism. Where have I heard that term lately? They had been fighting each other for centuries and what the European Union did was bring them into an economic pact that has not ony made Europe more peaceful, but more prosperous.

What's disturbing about Trump and the Brexiteers is they are playing with big systems that have stabilized the world since World War Two. We've forgotten, we've taken that so for granted. NAFTA, the EU, TPP, these are big systems that create a more rules-based world. And also we forget how many millions of people they have taken out of poverty.

Do these systems need fixing? They do. They need modernizing. But this attitude of chuck it, don't fix it, is really really dangerous...

I don't think they are going to be part to a Bannon fantasy that we are going to deconstruct the global administrative state.

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