Glaude: "Deconstruction Of The Administrative State" Is Shorthand For Dismantling The New Deal


On Monday's 'Morning Joe' Princeton University Department of African-American Studies chair Eddie Glaude spoke about his expectations for President Trump's joint address to Congress scheduled for Tuesday night.

"I'm looking for Trump to model what we heard from Steve Bannon at CPAC," Glaude explained. "I'm looking for the three buckets. I expect to hear something about national security and sovereignty. I expect to hear something about economic nationalism. And I half expect to hear something about the deconstruction of the administrative state."

"So there is going to be all this talk about regulation rollback, tax reform, creating jobs. We've got to look at the details and what it means."

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He continued: "I'm pretty unsettled by the notion of the deconstruction of the administrative state as a shorthand for all of these policies, we'll need to pay close attention to what that means. I think what it means in a nutshell is the dismantling of the New Deal. That final effort to strip away things that I think would benefit the people that are in so many ways going to benefit from the policies."

Co-host Mark Halperin noted that Trump has promised not to cut Social Security and Medicare and Glaude responded: "We also see he is going to --from the leak of the preliminary budget process-- he is going to roll back significant funding for EPA, as we just came out of a 77 degree February, repeal Obamacare, and reduce the budget for the State Dept."

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