Kasich: "Political Impossibility" To Repeal Obamacare Without Replacement


Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio sits down with 'Face the Nation' Host John Dickerson to discuss healthcare reform, the investigation into Russia and his meeting with the President.

DICKERSON: We're back with Ohio governor and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, in town for the Republican Governor's Conference. And he also met with President Trump on Friday.

Governor, you met with the president to talk about healthcare. Where do you think he is in his thinking about reforming the Affordable Care Act?

GOV. JOHN KASICH (R), OHIO: Well, you know, I kind of outlined for him the things that I thought would work. I mean the program needs reformed. I mean if you look over on the exchange side, some of these companies are melting down and you don't want to have all whole -- all the exchanges collapse. And you also don't want to be in a position of where you don't cover these 20 million Americans. You have to make sure that you have a system that's reformed, that's more affordable, but -- and is going to work, but we're just not going to pull the rug out from under people. He listened intently to me. He got Secretary Price on the phone right -- we were there, the two of us.

And here's what I think the problem is. The question is, are Democrats going to work with Republicans to fix this -- this system? What I'm hearing is they -- no. You know, you Republicans didn't work with us when we did Obamacare, we're not going to work with you, and that's -- that's kind of like fifth grade stuff. Because what's at risk are all these people who are now getting coverage, and we don't want to see it denied to them.

DICKERSON: I guess Democrats would say, but they just want to -- they want to repeal it. They don't want to fix it, they just what to take --

KASICH: Well, I -- I -- I --

DICKERSON: What's your sense of that in terms of the president's thinking?

KASICH: I -- look, I can't read his mind, but I felt it was very positive. He responded very positively to a number of the ideas I had. And the fact of the matter is, you can't just repeal without repealing and replacing at the same time. It just becomes a political impossibility. And there's no reason to do it any other way than that.

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