Coulter: Trump "In Danger" From "Enemy" Media If He Attended WH Correspondents' Dinner


Ann Coulter reacts to President Trump's decision not to attend this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday's edition of Justice with Judge Jeanine. Coulter said the event is a celebration of media outlets that report "blatant lies." The columnist said Trump is hurting the media by attending and it gives him more time to work "shutting down sanctuary cities."

"It's a big thing now," Judge Jeanine said of the WHCD. "The president has indicated, President Trump, that he's not going. What do you think and why do you think he's not going."

"I'm so relieved he's not going," Coulter said. "I want him working and not hanging around the enemy. He could be danger at the White House Correspondents' Dinner."

"But seriously he has everyone against him," she said. I want him in the White House working. This is a frivolous event.""

"This is four more hours he could be shutting down sanctuary cities," Coulter added.

"Most of the main organization throwing the White House Correspondents' Dinner are the propagators of the some of the biggest and most blatant lies that they tell over and over again," Coulter said of the gathering. "And just to tell one example so I'm not just saying this; once again we hear, just recently I was reading this nonsense about Trump making fun of a disabled reporter. That has been proved false over and over again. The Washington Post took down comments including video showing Trump doing the exact same imitation for Ted Cruz, a foreign general. And that's consciousness of guilt when they are taking down those videos from the comments section."

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