Rick Wilson: CPAC Has Been Taken Over By Trump "Cult Of Personality"


On Thursday's edition of 'The Last Word' on MSNBC, GOP Never-Trump strategist Rick Wilson commented on the first day of CPAC which saw Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus laying out the basics of "Trumpism" and strategist Kellyanne Conway joking that they should rename the conference: TPAC.

RICK WILSON: No, in fact, Marco Rubio is far, far away on another continent right now. And frankly, no Republican senators, except for Ted Cruz, who was there for the swimsuit part of the competition, to be the next Supreme Court nominee, showed up at CPAC this week.

So, it is certainly something that I think that as Kellyanne Conway joked, it has become TPAC, you know, the Trump Personality Cult has taken over where a forum for the conservatives for over 30 years had used to sort of get together, compare ideas, bump up against one another and talk about where the movement was going. It is now, you know, largely been given over to Donald Trump’s personality cult.

I will say, Lawrence, that your observation about Mike Pence’s speech today was absolutely on target, because, you know, look, if Donald Trump is eaten by wolverines tomorrow, every Republican in the country would go, okay, cool, except for the parts of his cult. Those folks there today ate that up with a spoon. That’s classic mainstream Republicanism. Some may disagree with that, but the fact of the matter is, pull out the Trump praise in there, and that would have been a speech that people would have nodded their heads and said, that fellow looks like he could be president some day.

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