Kellyanne Conway to CPAC: Make It TPAC, Donald Trump Went To The Grassroots And "Brought You Along"


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway speaks at the annual CPAC convention in National Harbor, MD.

She said: "I think by tomorrow this will be TPAC when he’s here. No doubt."

SCHLAPP: So lemme ask you, how do you believe President Trump has impacted the conservative movement?

CONWAY: Well, I think by tomorrow, this will be TPAC when he's here, no doubt.

You know, every great movement and which the conservative movement is, of course, every great movement ends up being a little bit sclerotic and dusty after a time and I think they need new fusion of energy. And in the case of Candidate Trump and President-elect and Nominee Trump, he went right to the grassroots and brought you along. He -- he made people feel from the beginning, they were part of this movement.

And being part of a movement means you're not just witnessing a campaign externally, which is why I think a lot of activists felt over the years, a different -- a different period of time which is that they're just witnessing history rather than being a part of it.

People felt really fully engaged, they felt like they had a seat at the table from the beginning. And I believe because it was such a tough competition in the Republican primary, he had 17 candidates, most of who made their way through CPAC over the years, that he earned the nomination in a way that was bottom up, instead of top down.

He really replaced this fiction of electability with this revelation of electricity and brought people in. Also, I think Donald Trump because he's not a legacy candidate, he's not a Bush or a Clinton, he's sort of the first candidate of his type that non- politician, true outsider, was coming to shake up the system...

That seems to me to be very relatable and resonant with CPAC, because CPAC you know, the courage that so -- so many of you show in your communities, in your places of work and your places of worship, certainly on your college campuses where you definitely feel like you're in the ideological minority, that -- that that kind of courage, that outsider status, is very much who Donald Trump is. And I believe how he got here and I personally, wanted to come here today as counselor, but also, really as the former campaign manager to thank you for everything you did, for the courage you showed, through the activity...

Whether you stood in line, came to a rally, drove seniors to the polls, got people engaged in a conversation about public policy, we really owe it all to you. Those margins of victories were slim in some of those states. But to have carried states for the first time in decades, was truly remarkable and I think it's a combination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the best messengers quality candidates and really, the grassroots to helping deliver in that way.

I just wanted to comment personally, thank you.

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