Bannon: "Corporatist Globalist Media Is Adamantly Opposed To Trump's Economic Nationalism"


White House top adviser Stephen Bannon speaks about the role of the corporatist globalist media at 2017's CPAC gathering.

About the media's relationship with the Trump administration, he said: "It is not only not going to get better, it is going to get worse every day."

"They're corporatist, globalist media who are adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has," he said.

"Here's why it is going to get worse," he added. "Because as Donald Trump continues to push forward this agenda, and as economic conditions get better, as more jobs get better, they are going to fight.

"If you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken," he said. "Every day it is going to be a fight."

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