Trump Denounces Anti-Semitism: "Has To Stop," "I Hope They Catch The People"


In an interview Tuesday with NBC News at the new African-American history museum in Washington D.C., the president said that anti-Semitism "has to stop."

"I do [it] all the time, I do [it] all the time," the president said when asked about denouncing anti-Semitism, but he repeated his concerns.

"I think it's terrible," Trump said of the alleged increase in anti-Semetic threats. "I think it's horrible. Whether it's anti-Semitism or racism or any — anything you wanna think about having to do with the divide. Anti-Semitism is, likewise, it's just terrible."

He added: "You don't know where it's coming from, but I hope they catch the people. I think you maybe have had it for longer than people think, and maybe it gets brought up a little bit more, but Anti-Semitism is horrible, and it's gonna stop and it has to stop."

Trump may have been responding to Hillary Clinton, who tweeted earlier Tuesday morning that "everyone must speak out" on this issue, starting with the president:

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