Woodward Warns Of "Secret Government": "Democracies Die In Darkness"


What challenges does the press face in reporting on President Trump's White House? Legendary Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and editor-in-chief of The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg discuss North Korea, Russia and presidential reporting in 2017. From Sunday morning's 'Face The Nation' on CBS.

BOB WOODWARD, "THE WASHINGTON POST": The press is not that enemy. And the concern in the press is that we'll have secret government. That government does things that we should know about that we don't. And the judge who said it got it right, democracies die in darkness. And so we're working against the darkness.

Trump is right. On some of these stories have been out of bounds. I think most of them have been quite good. And he's just going to have to learn that there are leaks and that there is criticism and so many things he's not going to like. And the key is to get the big things right. What's the policy in the Middle East going to be, with Russia, with North Korea? What's he going to do with the economy, cyber security, counterterrorism? Those are the big issues. The press should be thinking about them. So should he.

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