Morell: Trump Has No Proof Leaks Came From Intelligence Community


What do Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent actions reveal about his U.S. strategy? Former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and former deputy CIA director Mike Morell dive into the national security threats facing the United States and its new White House.

MICHAEL MORELL, CBS NEWS SENIOR SECURITY CONTRIBUTOR: I just wanted -- I just wanted to add another really important aspect [of the position of National Security Adviser] is to bring together the views of the national security team to the president and not -- not drive those views to what you, the national security advisor, believe. That's really important.

DICKERSON: So, meaning, don't precook it?

MORELL: Exactly.

DICKERSON: Take in -- Mike, tell me, what's your assessment of the relationship between the president and the intelligence community, as we talked about that a lot this morning. Something you know about. How is it?

MORELL: So prior to the inauguration, when the president was openly critical of the intelligence committee and CIA, it had an impact on moral. It quieted down once -- once the president got his team in there, Mike Pompeo, things quieted down. But now it's heating up again with the president's criticism over the leaks.

Just because it's intelligence information that was leaked doesn't mean it was leaked by the intelligence community or CIA, right? Big difference. But he is now criticizing them.

I think, ultimately, the morale will depend not on the public criticism, the morale will depend on whether the intelligence community believes the president is listening to what they have to say, has an open mind about what they have to say. He doesn't have to agree, but he has to listen.

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