CNN's Brian Stelter: 'Fake News' Label Is Verbal "Poison"


CNN's Brian Stelter host Carl Bernstein and others to discuss whether President Trump has become "Nixonian" in his hatred of the media.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN: These actions and these words matter. His words inspire many people, but they instill fear in many others. His words are what won him the election. Words like 'Crooked' and 'Build a Wall.'

Now, words like 'fake news' are part of a never-ending campaign. I would describe those words as poison.

So we're going to take his words and actions seriously here...

Looking back at recent history, there is only one president who so vehemently called the press an 'enemy.'

It happened in secret...

When it comes to comparisons to Nixon, there is one expert I have to start with... Carl Bernstein:


BERNSTEIN: Trump's attacks on the American press are more treacherous than Nixon's attacks on the press.

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