Trump: Russia "Fake News" To Try To Make Up For Democrats' Loss; Media Plays Right Into It


Donald Trump said what Mike Flynn did wasn't wrong, but the press did what was wrong by using classified information. Trump said the media trying to tie his staffers to Russia is "fake news" that is trying to "make up for the loss of the Democrats and the press plays right into it."

From Trump's Thursday press conference:

TRUMP: Mike Flynn is a fine person, and I asked for his resignation. He respectfully gave it. He is a man who there was a certain amount of information given to Vice President Pence who is with us today. And I was not happy with the way that information was given. He didn't have to do that because what he did wasn't wrong. What he did in terms of the information he saw -- what was wrong was the way that other people, including yourselves in this room, were given that information because that was classified information. It was given illegally. That's the real problem. And, you know, you can talk all you want about Russia, which was all, you know, fake news, fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the Democrats and the press plays right into it.

In fact, I saw a couple of the people that were supposedly involved with all of this. But they know nothing about it. They weren't in Russia. They never made a phone call to Russia. They never received a phone call. It's all fake news. It's all fake news. The nice thing is, I see it starting to turn. Where people are now looking at the illegal. I think it's very important. The illegal -- giving out classified information.

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