Krauthammer: Country Is Divided, Trump's Not The One Who Caused It; Supporters Will Love Presser


Charles Krauthammer reacted to Donald Trump's press conference on Thursday's Special Report:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I found him hinged... it was a stream of consciousness. It was a performance unlike any other. You think of the JFK press conferences or Reagan or others. This is a performance art. I suppose I'm willing to be schooled on this that you have to judge him by his own terms. If you try to connect the dots or the sentences or the fragments, it doesn't always hold together. I must say of course the high point was when he mentioned to me. I thought I was going to be the surprise new National Security Advisor so I was somewhat disappointed...

The country is really divided, he's not the one who caused it but his supporters will love this and those who are skeptical about him are going to wonder about how hinged he is.

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