Glenn Greenwald: Democratic Party Has Collapsed As A National Political Force


'The Intercept' founder Glenn Greenwald joins FNC's Tucker Carlson to discuss a piece he wrote arguing that the Democratic Party has "collapsed."

He pointed to the losses Democrats have had in Congress, governorshps, and state-level elections and said the party was doubling down on past mistakes. He also noted that Republicans were on state house away from being able to pass a constitutional amendment. Greenwald said: "They are one statehouse away from enabling the Republilcans to call a constitutional convention by itself... So it is a party that has collapsed as a national political force in the U.S."

"They're so obsessed with attacking Donald Trump and calling him all the names they called him during the election, talking about Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, and Jill Stein, and everything else other than [why]."

"Why did they lose? They lost because they favored policies from the 1990s, such as free trade, getting rid of restraints on Wall Street, having jobs go over-seas, and then they wonder why people in the Rust Belt with no economic future and economic anxiety, are abandoning the party in droves. And there is no attempt to examine that or even talk about it," he said.

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