Tucker Carlson Roasts Washington Post's Erik Wemple: "I See You As A Political Hack"


Tucker Carlson faced off with Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple on media bias, the way he treats his own publication, and his coverage and criticism of FOX News.

Carlson said the scribe doesn't cover his own outlet "out of cowardice." Wemple fought back and said he "broke news" in his exclusive report that The Washington Post had a problem with hiring minority writers.

"I did a story... about the failure of The Washington Post to get diverse professionals in the higher ranks of the paper. I also broke the story within The Washington Post," Wemple said.

"Wow, good for you," Carlson said to Wemple. "But you're not answering my question -- these are real stories, not about diversity in you newsroom."

"You could interview the reporters who wrote the story," Carlson suggested. "And then you end with this: 'the missteps mar an otherwise spectacular run for The Post.'"

"Now when you write something that brown-nosey, do you feel guilt? Do you feel like you're doing your job as a hard-hitting media reporter?" Carlson asked as he exploded into laughter.

"'A spectacular run, of my own publication, of my own employers,'" Carlson repeated as he mocked the gentleman.

"Erik, look, I get it, you can't answer the question, so you're saying that I somehow have an obligation to be a media reporter. But I'm not a media reporter and you are. And you get a lot of mileage out of, 'I'm Mr. Media Reporter and I'm brave and they give me all this rope and I can do whatever I want. But you don't. And instead you single-mindedly producer and my question is, and please answer it, does the owner of your paper, Jeff Bezos, who runs Amazon, does he ever call you and say, 'Good job?''

"I don't see you as a media critic, I see you as a political hack acting out his political beliefs on paper with the cover of media criticism -- 'I'm just a media critics -- and everyone who reads you knows that and I am wondering if your editors know that?" Carlson told Wemple.

"Do they read it and say, 'you know you're really covering the media straight,' do they really think that?"

"I believe I do cover the media straight," Wemple responded.

"You question a competitor but do you ever question yourself," Carlson slapped back.

"Mr. Carlson, I will put The Washington Post and the freedom that I have and the times I have criticized my own paper against anyone in this industry," Wemple said, defending his home turf.

"Look, the point is, you have the freedom and I think that's great," Carlson said to the WaPo scribe. "You should just use it to do something useful like reporting on Russian propaganda in your own paper."

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