Stelter: Career Government Officials Concerned About Trump Are Leaking At Large Level


CNN's Brian Stelter surmises leaks are coming from career government officials, Obama admin officials, and some Trump officials as a "cry for help."

From Wednesday's edition of New Day:

BRIAN STELTER: Leaks are coming from many different places for many different reasons that's been true during the transition and now especially true that Trump is in office. Every administration, every government has leaks but this is at a whole other level. We're seeing something so much more extreme...

That's partly to do with career government officials who are concerned about Trump. Partly, it does have to do with Obama administration officials who have their own agendas and partly it's a cry for help from Trump aides from people inside the Trump White House who maybe loyal to him but that believe he needs help and that he's not getting the right support and often times people are motivated to alert the public to a problem.

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