Brit Hume: The Crime May Be That Flynn's Phone Call Was Recorded, Leaked


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume gives his take on the resignation of Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and its ramifications. Hume said the crime committed may have been someone listening to a recording made of Flynn's conversation(s) with a Russian ambassador prior to taking office.

From Hume's interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night:

BRIT HUME: What looks like what happened here, Tucker, is that they were eavesdropping on the Russian ambassador and they pick up his conversation or his conversations with Mike Flynn.

They now are in possession through classified information of very sensitive information on two counts. One is that the information itself is classified and having it get out might compromise sources and methods.

And the second is that they have information that they probably shouldn't have or should be very careful with about the private conversations of United States citizen. So that information is doubly deserving of the kind of protections that intelligence agencies are used to providing and it leaked out. That may be a crime. So, the question becomes, was Mike Flynn sinned against more than sinning? And I think as we talked tonight, that is kind of open question.

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