Scarborough: Kellyanne Conway Goes Out And Lies And You Find Out About Those Lies Hours Later


Joe Scarborough reviews a brief recent history of comments Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway has made to the media that he said aren't true.

"Time and time again she goes out and lies. She goes out and lies and you find out about those lies a couple of hours later," Scarborough said on Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe.

"If she's not lying, she is, I have heard, so out of the loop and in none of the meetings and she just goes out there and starts talking without having the facts," he said.

"Blathering," Morning Joe panelist Mika Brzezinski chimed in.

"She's been out of the loop for months now," Scarborough said. "And she'll go in and get a picture with the president, do a selfie with the president."

"Interviews are her chance to one-up and suck up and, you know, make mistakes, and can't do it," Brzezinski said. "Can't do it."

"It goes to management structure time and time again," Scarborough said. "The president of the United States can not be dealing with the day to day drudgery of running a massive operation."

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