Scarborough: Stephen Miller Sounds Like He Is Reading From "Autocracy For Young People" Playbook


MSNBC's Joe Scarborough responds negatively to Trump adviser Stephen Miller's appearances on Meet The Press, This Week, and Fox News Sunday this week. Miller took on issues of voter fraud, presidential authority and more in the three combative interviews.

"Oh God," Scarborough said. "It is so much worse than I thought... Wow."

"Then again, he learned this I guess in 'Autocracy For Young People.' That is, no, they will be questioned by the court, it is called judicial review. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the federalist papers," he said.

"That is the worst performance of anyone. That made Susan Rice the Sunday after Benghazi look smooth. That was horrendous and an embarrassment."

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to praise Miller's performance on the Sunday shows.

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