Keith Olbermann: Michael Flynn Should Be Fired -- And Arrested For Treason


In this episode of 'The Resistance,' host Keith Olbermann calls for the arrest of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who is accused of having a conversation about American sanctions with the Russian ambassador after the 2016 election but before the inauguration.

"In a series of events that seemed last week like mere individual explosions in the midst of the evil Trumpian blitzkrieg, the outline of what has reportedly be done by Michael Flynn -- who is at this moment still the man charged with advising the erratic, reckless, and seemingly mentally unstable president on all national security issues -- became substantially more clear," he said.

Olbermann shows images of Flynn in Russia seated at a table with Vladimir Putin at a banquet honoring RT --Russia's english-language propaganda station-- "by whom Flynn has been paid."

"Trump's awareness of this crime, and his coverup of it, elevates him to the status of unindicted co-conspirator," he added.

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