Hugh Hewitt: Americans Are Getting Tired Of The 24/7 Pile-On Of Trump


Nationally-syndicated radio host and conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt said Monday that President Trump has many critics who are ready to pounce on him for almost everything and people are tired of it. Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential run, argued National Security Advisor Mike Flynn should consider resigning for telling Vice President Mike Pence an "untruth" about his relationship with his Russian counterpart prior to the Trump administration taking office.

"I do believe the hair trigger criticism of everyone is wearing out it's welcome with America," Hewitt said of Trump criticism. "So the overblown hysteria and Jeff was just venting there about [Flynn] transcripts that may or may not exist, that have or have not been seen like the BuzzFeed dossier which was trash, I think most people in America are getting tired of the pile on 24/7 of the new president."

"He had a very successful weekend, and Mike Flynn, by the way, very successful statement about Iran. We haven't seen any Iranian speedboats charging at American destroyers since General Flynn made his statement. So, all in all, I think the original team is still there and Donald Trump is sticking with them," Hewitt said.

"The climate to me feels like an extension of the presidential campaign," MSNBC's Steve Kornacki commented before turning to Weaver for a response.

"He made certain promises, but never has been able to transition from the campaign to becoming president. That's the problem," Weaver explained.

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