Miller vs. Stephanopoulos: It Is "Widely Known" That Voters Are Bused From Massachusetts to NH


On ABC's 'This Week' Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller makes the case that thousands of people were transported from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote in 2016.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me move on, though, to the question of voter fraud as well. President Trump again this week suggested in a meeting with senators that thousands of illegal voters were bused from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and that’s what caused his defeat in the state of New Hampshire, also the defeat of Senator Kelly Ayotte.

That has provoked a response from a member of the Federal Election Commission, Ellen Weintraub, who says I call upon the president to immediately share New Hampshire voter fraud evidence so that his allegations may be investigated promptly.

Do you have that evidence?

MILLER: I’ve actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters in to New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real, it’s very serious. This morning on this show is not the venue for me lay out all the evidence, but I can tell you this. Voter fraud is a serious problem in this country. You have millions of people who are registered in two states, who are dead who are registered to vote, and you have 14 percent of non-citizens, according to academic research, at a minimum, are registered to vote. Which is an astonishing statistic.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You can’t -- hold on a second. You just claimed again that there was illegal voting in New Hampshire, people bused in from the state of Massachusetts. Do you have evidence of that?

MILLER: I’m saying anybody -- George, go to New Hampshire. Talk to anybody who’s worked in politics there for a long time. Everybody’s aware of the problem in New Hampshire with respect to --

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m asking you, the White House Senior --


STEPHANOPOULOS: Hold a second. I’m asking you as the White House senior policy adviser, the president made a statement saying he was the victim of voter fraud.

MILLER: And the president --


MILLER: And the president was!

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