Limbaugh: We're Not That Far From A Civil War Right Now


RUSH LIMBAUGH: You know, folks, I gotta tell you something.

I don’t think we’re that far from a Civil War in this country right now. I’m not talking about armed conflict, North v. South, but we clearly have a divide in this country that is in no way gonna be bridged. It isn’t gonna be bridged by compromise. It’s not gonna be bridged by walking across the aisle and getting along with people, and it’s not gonna be bridged by persuading people to agree with us and vice-versa. The only way this is ever gonna end is when one side gets defeated — politically defeated — and becomes a demonstrable minority.

That’s the only way any of this is gonna end. The left does not want this to end! This is normalcy for the left. You must understand this. This is what they want life in America to be day in and day out. Remember, they are victims. They are not happy. As victims, it is impossible to be happy. It’s impossible to be content. They think there are no reasons to be happy. Even when Obama was winning and he was in the White House, they were still livid and angry every day! Over what? The fact that there was opposition to Obama!

They weren’t even happy when he won. They would not have been happy had Hillary won, because there would have been opposition. And they can’t stand opposition. They don’t think opposition is warranted or justified. So there is no common ground between the divide, the divisions in this country. In that sense, there already is a civil war. I’m not talking about armed conflict. I’m talking about a battle. How does it end? Are you gonna persuade the libs in your neighborhood, do you think? You think they’re gonna persuade you?

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