Sean Spicer Shuts Down Reporter's Question About Trump's Tweets: "This Is Silly"


Jared Rizzi, SiriusXM's White House Correspondent asked Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer about Donald Trump's Twitter habits and was called silly:

JARED RIZZI, SIRUIS XM, QUESTION: Earlier this week. You say the -- this is in context of the Nordstrom -- and not about what she was counseled about, but about something she said to CNN earlier this week, is that the President doesn't comment on everything. And so I want to contrast the President's repeated statements about Nordstrom with the lack of comments about some other things, including for example the attack on the Quebec mosque and other similar environments. Why is the President, when he chooses to --

SPICER: Do you -- hold on, before that, because you just brought that up. I literally stand at this podium and opened a briefing a couple days ago about the President extending his condolences. I literally opened the briefing about it. So for you to sit there and say --

I know. So why are you asking why he didn't do it when I literally stood here and did it? I don't understand what you're asking.

QUESTION: Kellyanne's comment were about that the President doesn't have time to tweet about everything. He's tweeting about this. He's not tweeting about something else.

SPICER: Right. I came out here and actually spoke about it and said the President spoke --

QUESTION: (inaudible) President's time --

SPICER: What are you -- you're equating me addressing the nation here and a tweet? I mean, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. OK, this is silly. Next.

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