Sen. Mark Warner: Investigate "Contacts" Between Trump And Putin Before Election


On Tuesday's 'Morning Joe,' Donny Deustch asked Sen. Mark Warner about the "Trump-Putin bromance."

DONNY DEUTSCH, MARKETING AND ADVERTISING EXPERT: Senator Warner, Donny Deutsch. I just want to shift gears a little bit to the Trump-Putin bromance. You talked last night on Chris's show that "it's an extraordinary circumstance, frankly unconscionable agreement between Democrats and Republicans that goes far beyond the pale." Obviously referring to Trump pretty much comparing our actions in the Iraqi War to basically Trump's killing of politicians and killing of journalists--


DEUTSCH: I'm sorry, excuse me, Putin of course. Can you give me an explanation of why Donald Trump seems to continually, time and time again, play nice with this obvious international thug?

WARNER: You know, I have absolutely no idea. I mean, it baffles me. I know it baffles a lot of my Senate Republican colleagues. It's one of the reasons why I think this investigation that we're launching in the Senate Intelligence Committee that's going to look at both what the Russians did in terms of fake news, the fact that they have 1,000 internet trolls trying to manipulate our news. The RT News feed outlets in terms of siding with Trump over Clinton. The selective release of emails clearly favoring Trump over Clinton.

And frankly we've got to look into whether there was any contacts between either campaign and Russian operatives before the election. And we've got a lot more investigating to do there.

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