Krauthammer: Trump's Putin Comments Are "A Hammer That Any Sentient Being Would Seize"


On Monday's 'O'Reilly Factor,' columnist Charles Krauthammer responded to President Trump's comments about Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying that anyone who "looking for a hammer to use" against Trump now has one.

In an interview with FNC's Bill O'Reilly that aired during the Super Bowl, President Trump said: "I do respect Putin... There's a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?"

"Here's how I processed the president's answer," O'Reilly said to Krauthammer: "Not that it was a moral equivalency and Russia about actions, but that we don't have a right to form a judgment -- and it is the same philosophy that Franklin Roosevelt used when he dealt with Stalin. What Trump wants to do is enlist Putin's help to defeat ISIS and to... weaken Iran. So he said you or I don't have the right to make these personal judgments, that you and I just made about Putin, which are accurate, okay? Because in the past the United States has done bad things too."

"When he reacts by saying that we are killers too, that doesn't strike you as moral equivalence?" Krauthammer responded. "You thought the other networks were distorting him? Saying it was a moral equivalence?"

"No, I said it was a hammer to use on his head," O'Reilly responded. "I didn't say they distorted it."

"That is a hammer that any sentient being would seize immediately," Krauthammer said. "I wasn't looking for something to get him with. The point is that Mitch McConnell, and a lot of other people who are not looking to get the president, reacted in the same way. It was a universal reaction. That’s left-wing speech."

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